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  • The most printed portion of the Bible in the world is the Gospel of John. It's lines lead to Life! Here's even a great online version of it.
  • - Would you like to listen to the Bible? Here's a site that offers a few different English audio versions of the Bible. Some have musical backgrounds, sound effects, and different voice characterizations. Do you know someone who has a different heart language than English? This site also has audio Bibles in a huge number of other languages. What a nice gift to pass on to others. Faith comes by hearing the message of Christ.
  • Need to talk to someone about your life or family issues? Call Focus On The Family 1-800-AFAMILY Or you can find lots of helpful info on their website.
  • David Guzik Commentaries - Easy to understand commentaries on every book of the Bible
  • The One Minute Apologist
  • Jackpot of Christian videos
  • Great stuff from world renowned, Josh McDowell at
  • Loads of great, free online classes at-
  • Got questions about the Bible and the Christian faith?
  • CBN list of 6 minute stories, including a long list of well done salvation testimonies
  • Ever wonder how we got the Bible? Then watch "How we got the Bible"
    1. Inspiration
    2. Which books belong in the Bible?
    3. Manuscript evidence & Accuracy
    4. How We Got Our English Bible
  • Dr. John Stevenson has put together the following excellent overview videos.
    1. Old Testament Books
    2. New Testament books
    3. The Life of Christ
    4. History of Bible Times
    5. Church History
  • Lost Books of the Bible? With Dr. Paul Meier
    1. Why Were Only Some Books Included?
    2. Filling in the Blanks
    3. Buried Treasures
    4. Step in for a Closer Look
  • John Ankerberg has had a TV show for many years dealing with topics vital to the Christian faith.
  • Famed Christian counselors, Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend have created many short videos.
  • Want great help on learning how to properly read and study God's word? Perhaps there was nobody better at doing so than the late Dr. Howard Hendricks. Here are 15 short video clips of him teaching, Living By the Book.
  • Want help on having a Quiet Time? Let Pastor Rick Warren help you.
  • Pastor Chip Ingram- Living on the Edge. Chip is such a practical Bible teacher. He is great at helping you apply God's word. Here is the link that will take you to all of his pdf study notes.
  • Through The Bible with J. Vernon McGee. Here you'll find the late Dr. McGee's notes on all the books of the Bible which he preached through. Lots of free resources.
  • Pastor John MacArthur has decades of excellent free material.
  • How about a treasure trove of Classic Christian books to read for free online?
  • Knowledge of the Holy. This is a classic by A.W. Tozer written in short chapters.
  • Homosexuality and Heaven - a very creatively done movie by Living Waters Ministry.
  • For Christian men who want to be a part of an online band of brothers, watch the following video featuring the stories of how men have been impacted by M3- Multiplying M.A.N.L.Y. Men.
  • Want to help others come to know Christ and grow in Christ? Then pass this very site on to others- Contact us for low priced, beautiful biz cards to hand out.